Home Education Numbers 2011-12

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2011/12 Numbers Similar to 2009

End 2011/beginning 2012 total snapshot number home educated children in England was 20,842. The 2009 total was 20,342. 2005-2011 graph

Full set of 2005-2011 Numbers From 48 Local Authorities

I have figures from 2005-2011 inclusive for 48 local authorities. In these authorities, between 2005-6 there was a 15% rise; between 2006-7, a 10% rise; between 2007-8, a 10% rise; between 2008-9, a 3% rise; between 2009-10 a 1% rise, and between 2010-11, a 1% rise. This sample represents a third of local authorities.

Click here for a map showing relative numbers of home educated children throughout the country.

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