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A Message From Fiona Nicholson at EdYourself November 2011

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The November update is sent to everyone who responded to my survey on local authorities paying for college places and SEN Support where children are home educated. It is also emailed to home educators and local authority representatives who have asked to be put on the mailing list.

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DfE FAQ on Claiming AP Funding for Home Educated Children

On November 10th 2011 DfE published a set of answers about the circumstances in which local authorities can claim funding for home educated children. The FAQ complement the revised Guidance which was published on September 30th.

For the first time DfE has made it clear that local authorities can claim back funding for college "or other alternative provider" by entering home educated children on the Alternative Provision Census under the category of Not a School (NOT).


DfE web page on Alternative Provision Funding for Home Education November 2011
DfE FAQ 2011 as word doc
DfE FAQ 2011 set out as web page
DfE Alternative Provision Guidance 2011-12

FE Courses from the FAQ

There are two separate categories where the LA may claim AP funding on behalf of a home educated child. The first category is where the LA pays for FE courses. The second category is where the LA pays for SEN support. Where young people are undertaking a Further Education course funded by the LA, there is no minimum age for the student (ie this is not simply for Y10s and Y11s.) The FE course does not have to take place at the local college; it can be online (provided the total that the LA is paying amounts to substantial financial support) or in a neighbouring borough, or via another alternative provider in the area. AP funding can also be used for a package of costs incurred in supporting a home educated young person to take examinations, as long as the total cost amounts to substantial financial support which justifies entry of the young person on the AP form.

SEN Support from the FAQ

Where a young person has special needs and the LA is making a significant financial contribution to support costs, this money can be reclaimed via the Alternative Provision Census. It is not necessary for the child to have a statement of SEN or to have been on School Action Plus before the LA can claim funding. Where a young person with SEN wishes to take a further education course, it is only permissible to claim a single unit of funding for an individual learner. In other words, it is not possible to claim a second unit of funding for the SEN support.

Pupil Premium from the FAQ

Where the child entered on the AP Census Form lives in a household which meets the eligibility criteria for Free School Meals, the Pupil Premium may be claimed, on condition that the LA or alternative provider has confirmed the necessary documentation (e.g. a TC602 Tax Credit Award Notice or relevant means-tested benefit award notice) showing that the learner would be entitled to free school meals.

Numbers of Home Educated Children Known to Local Authorities

I have put together a couple of pages displaying information about the numbers of home educated children known to local authorities in England. http://edyourself.org/articles/lalinegraph.php and http://edyourself.org/articles/latotalnumber.php NB the numbers in the line graphs spanning 2005-9 are not a complete set, as they only show data from 60 out of 152 LAs.

LA Line Graph


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