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How Do We Get Started/ What are private candidates/ How can we study for GCSEs at home/ My daughter is currently in school and is half way through GCSEs. If she starts being home educated, can she go back into school just to take the exams/ Once he starts being home educated, what will happen to the Controlled Assessments my son has already done in school/ What is the deadline for finding somewhere to sit an exam/ Do all the exams have to be taken in June/ If my son doesn't do any GCSEs while he is home educated, can he catch up with exams at college later/ How many GCSEs does my son need for college/ My son wants to be a [insert chosen career] Which exams should he do/ How much does it cost to do exams/ Where can my daughter take her exam/ Do you have a list of exam centres/ I just asked a couple of local schools if we could take exams and they said no. Can you get them to reconsider/ Do you have a list of tutors/ Is there any way I could share the cost of a tutor/ I've contacted the schools on your list but none of them will let my son take his exams. Can you help/ My son is doing GCSEs with NEC/Oxford Homeschooling but none of the schools on their list will let him take exams. Can you help/ Can my daughter take exams early/ I've read that home educators can't do GCSEs and have to do IGCSEs instead. What does this mean/ My son will need extra time in his exam and he will need to use a keyboard. Who do I talk to about this/ Is there a package we can buy which covers everything we need for the exam/ My daughter is currently home educated but we'd like her to enrol in school for the last year just to take exams. How do we go about this/ Can I just take a GCSE exam/ My son is 15. Can he go to college early to do GCSEs/ My son is 14. Can he do Open University instead of GCSEs/A Levels/ How do home educators take AS and A Levels as external candidates/ Do our exam results count in the school league tables/

We recommend that the Government place a duty on every local authority to ensure access to local centres for home-educated young people to sit accredited public examinations. Education Committee Report Support Home Education December 2012 Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted February 2013: We will be asking if local authorities are supporting children at home and funding access to qualifications and examinations

Taking A Levels at home Taking A Levels at home

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