Safeguarding Children Education Guidance Wales

Legal references on this page apply to Wales.

Revised Guidance Safeguarding Children in Education (Wales) 2015

The Welsh Government consulted on safeguarding in education in 2013

In January 2015 a new guidance document was published which said the following about home education:
"Operational responsibilities 2.19
At this level the local authority should seek to build effective relationships with home educators that function to safeguard the educational interests and welfare of children and young people. Doing so will provide parents with access to any support that is available and allow authorities to understand the parents’ educational provision. For further information refer to chapter 6 of Welsh Government Circular 47/2006: Inclusion and Pupil Support. New guidance for local authorities on home education will be developed for public consultation by May 2015. It is anticipated that this guidance will be finalised by September 2015." [page 21]

This is a considerable improvement on the proposals contained in the original consultation although the definition of "significant harm" in the Glossary is still incorrect and misleading (see my consultation response for further details.)

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