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Consultation Response Elective Home Education Wales 2012

As expected, the Education (Wales) Bill introduced July 1st 2013 had no mention of home education. Plans to change the law in Wales were dropped at the start of 2013 http://edyourself.org/articles/EnglandandWales.php

"The consultation exercise closed on the 23 November, over 550 responses have been received. I have asked my officials to undertake a thorough analysis of the consultation responses as I want to ensure all views to the proposals are fully considered. Due to the large volume and detail of the responses this is going to take time and is not something I want rushed. In order to facilitate this process I believe it would be beneficial to delay taking forward the legislative proposals in the current Education (Wales) Bill."
Read the Minister's statement here December 2012 http://edyourself.org/leightonandrewsstatementdec21.pdf

Position Statement

I disagree with the suggestion that parents should have to apply to the local council for permission to home educate their children. The Government proposals are a disproportionate intrusion into family life. Existing powers regarding education, welfare and safeguarding/child protection are sufficient, but the Welsh Government should address the disparity in local authority procedures - as revealed by my Freedom of Information request, October 2012 The Welsh Government should signpost to models of good practice. I also recommend that the Government takes Plan B forward with regard to statutory guidance and drops Plan A for compulsory registration and monitoring which has little or no chance of success. READ MY FINAL CONSULTATION RESPONSE HERE http://edyourself.org/electivehomeeducationconsultationwales.pdf
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