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Update May 2014

In 2012 I sent FOIs to local authorities in Wales in order to survey of current practice with relation to the Welsh Government Elective Home Education Guidelines

Plans to change the law on home education in Wales were proposed in Autumn 2012 but dropped within a couple of months. In May 2014 the Minister annnounced plans for new guidance. Read more here

Also in May 2014, a White Paper was published outlining legislative changes to special educational needs. Read more here

Summary Responses

Click here to read summary of all FOI responses as single pdf
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There are 22 local authorities in Wales and all responded to my questions. 4 School Attendance Orders were issued across Wales in the previous year. Around 5% of home educated children in Wales have a statement of SEN (similar to estimate for England)

  • 32% councils in Wales have fewer than 25 home educated children on their books
  • 32% councils in Wales have between 26 and 50 home educated children
  • 32% councils in Wales have between 51 and 100 home educated children
  • Only 1 LA (Ceredigion) has more than 100 home educated children

Click here for comparison with England (pie chart) There are 152 local authorities in England.

63% of LAs in England have fewer than a hundred home educated children.
19% of LAs have between 100 and 250 home educated children.
8% of LAs have 251 to 500 home educated children.
4% of LAs have over 500 home educated children.

Individual LAs FOI Responses

Anglesey answers and Anglesey Draft EHE Policy
Wrexham answers and Wrexham letter and Wrexham form and Wrexham EOTAS Guide
Flintshire answers and Flintshire Parent Info Booklet and Flintshire Procedures 2012 and Flintshire Progress Report Request and Flintshire letter to parents
Carmarthenshire answers and Carmarthenshire Policy 2010
Pembrokeshire answers and Pembrokeshire Parent Guidance
Conwy answers and Conwy Parent Guidance and Conwy letter re more rigorous monitoring
Bridgend answers
Merthyr Tydfil answers and Merthyr Additional Needs Policy and Merthyr Flowchart and Merthyr EHE Policy
Ceredigion answersand Ceredigion EHE Strategy and Ceredigion EHE Booklet
Caerphilly answers and Caerphilly EHE Policy
Powys answers
Swansea answers
Denbighshire answers
Torfaen answers and Torfaen EHE Policy
Newport answers
Monmouthshire answers
Vale of Glamorgan answers and Vale of Glamorgan EHE Booklet
Gwynedd answers and Gwynedd EHE Policy
Cardiff answers and Cardiff EHE Information Booklet and Cardiff Teaching and Learning Programme Primary and Cardiff Teaching and Learning Programme Secondary and Cardiff letter to parents
Neath Port Talbot answers
Blaenau Gwent answers
Rhondda Cynon Taff answers and Rhondda Cynon Taff Parents' Home Education Guidance and Rhondda Cynon Taff EHE Policy and Rhondda Cynon Taff flowchart

FOI sent to all local authorities, Wales

September 29th, 2012


I am carrying out a survey of current practice in all local authorities in Wales with respect firstly to the home education guidelines, Inclusion and Pupil Support - Section 6 - Elective Home Education (1), and secondly with respect to Estyn's inspection criteria for home education services.(2)

I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions. Please be aware that I will be seeking permission to publish all responses on my website here

  1. How many School Attendance Orders has the authority served in the past 12 months?
  2. Does the authority have a named contact within the authority who is familiar with home education policy and practice and who has an understanding of the relevant legislation and a range of educational philosophies?
  3. If yes, to question 2/ could you please supply me with details of the named contact?
  4. Does the authority send information to parents through the post?
  5. If yes to question 4/ could you please give examples of the type of information which the authority has sent in the past 12 months?
  6. Does the authority make contact with home educating families on an annual basis in order to seek a meeting or request an updated report?
  7. Does the authority offer any support to home educating families?
  8. If yes to question 7/ could you please give examples of the type of support offered in the past 12 months?
  9. In relation to the guidance issued by Estyn in 2010, does the authority provide helpful guidance for parents educating their children at home when requested to do so?
  10. How many children in elective home education residing in your area have a statement of special educational needs?
  11. Does the authority have a formal policy or protocol document regarding children who are educated at home and who have special educational needs, or additional learning needs?
  12. If yes to question 11/ could you please supply me with a copy of the relevant policy/protocol document?



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