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On Friday January 8th 2016 I attended a round table discussion with the NSPCC on the subject of keeping children safe in home education. A copy of the invitation can be found here The people who went to the meeting gave an undertaking that they would wait for notes from the NSPCC. The first draft went out on January 29th 2016. An amended version was circulated on February 16th 2016 which has now been seen by quite a few people. [*** Update September 2017 a compromise was never reached and notes were not published. ***] Read more here (April 2016)

I have collected my social media comments about the NSPCC meeting here (February 2016)

Towards the end of January 2016 the NSPCC revised its web page on home education and serious case reviews. In other words the previous page was taken down. I thought the change was an improvement and blogged about it here (January 2016)

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