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Council Web Pages on Home Education

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Education Committee Report into Support for Home Education, published December 2012
LA Freedom of Information Responses Comparative Spend on Home Education Staffing Costs

RECOMMENDED READING Added February 22nd 2015 Bournemouth home education web page

Lancashire Letters, FAQ and Policy Document

Lancashire County Council elective home education web page
Lancashire Home Education Exams including local schools/centres taking private or external candidates


Read more here (including letters)

Sample Local Authority Web Pages on Home Education

Doncaster July 2015
Lancashire 2015
Sheffield September 2015
Surrey July 2015
Bedford July 2015 via this page
Worcestershire September 2015
Gloucestershire September 2015 via this page (Information for schools has out of date links, unfortunately)

See also for links to LA web pages for home educators on topics such as careers advice, exams, raising the participation age, 14-16 college access and work experience

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DfES House

Does your Parents Leaflet include any of the following phrases "The LEA will need to be satisfied that a child is receiving suitable education at home, and will probably ask to meet with the family in order to talk to the parent and to look at examples of work and learning" or "A Unique Pupil Number (UPN) will have been allocated for the child and it is important therefore for the school and LEA to be aware of any changes" or "Will I be checked or monitored in any way? The local education authority (LEA) has a duty to ensure that you are providing efficient and suitable education for your child"? If so it will most likely have been copied from DfES draft guidance 2004-5 (or from another LA's website which copied the 2004/5 draft guidance). This document was put on the internet 10 years ago by a home educator for the purpose of collating feedback to send to the then DfES, in the days before public consultations. The full version will also have this picture of a house on the front page

Checklist Exams Information

  • All references to "coursework" are out of date. The current system is controlled assessment and likely to remain so for the next few years despite Government announcements. This is relevant to distance learning providers (see below)
  • Home educators favour IGCSEs because of controlled assessment in GCSEs
  • Distance learning providers don't guarantee somewhere to sit the exam, despite costing £300+ per subject (NEC, Oxford, Wolsey Hall)
  • Exam boards don't "arrange for somewhere to sit the exam"; the most they will do is provide a list of centres which have previously said they accept external candidates
  • Distance learning providers mostly offer IGCSEs now or GCSEs without controlled assessment
  • In the past, distance learning providers were able to authenticate GCSE coursework but there is no equivalent for GCSE controlled assessment
  • External candidates results don't count in the school league tables
  • Some LAs do manage to get a list of schools/centres which is checked every year, ideally with contact details of exams officer and which boards
  • Although schools might prefer external candidates take the same subjects and the same boards as their own internal candidates there is nothing which says this has to happen
  • Awarding bodies (exam boards) with exams suitable for external candidates include AQA, CIE and Edexcel
  • Useful Links

Lancashire exams information has contact details for local centres and awarding bodies, updated annually, also available via the Blackpool Council website

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