Exams Access Survey 2011-12

Survey of Local Authority Support With Exam Centres 2011-12

At the end of 2011 I asked local authorities what they were doing to help home educated young people find somewhere to sit exams. This is what they said: "Families are supported on an individual case basis" "not been raised as an issue by home educators" "we struggle to find time or personnel and we don't currently keep a list of schools" "Schools aren't required to accept private candidates and there is really very little that the council can do to insist that they do so" "current Council literature makes it clear to parents that they assume all responsibilities when opting to home educate their children" "Parents can ask any school in the area but it's up to the schools to agree" "the Council doesn't carry out any work to encourage and support local schools to provide facilities for home educated children to sit exams" "over two thirds of our Secondary Schools are now Academies which are independent of the local authority, meaning that it is not possible to keep a list of schools which allow private candidates to sit examinations"...

Read the full set of redacted responses here http://edyourself.org/accessexamsurvey2012.pdf

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