Exams Home Ed Experience

Exam Centres: Home Educators Experience

  • The most useful advice was to find a centre first, then work out how to take the exams
    Case Study 1
  • The LA gave us a list of exam centres but the local schools didn't do IGCSEs so we used the Edexcel list
    Case Study 2
  • I approached 189 schools before I found one where my son could take exams
    Case Study 3
  • The most helpful advice was to get the school on board before you decide what exams are do-able.
    Case Study 4
  • This time around we are doing all IGCSEs because he can just go in and take the exams
    Case Study 5
  • If you are going to do exams, you might as well get sorted out earlier and make it less stressful
    Case Study 6
  • The centre will accommodate any board, can arrange practicals and is only a 30 minute drive away.
    Case Study 7
  • The home education group had set up a parents co-op group to help children prep and work towards exams, meeting only one morning a week in a hired community village hall. Luckily for us the drive there is no more than 60 miles away.
    Case Study 8
  • Bridgend local authority came to an arrangement for home educated children to sit their exams at the FE college. The authority also gives the local home education group money to spend on access to exams.
    Case Study 9
  • Minimal cost in terms of exam preparation, just the actual cost of exams at around £250 for the five qualifications
    Case Study 10
  • We didn't have any difficulty finding somewhere to sit exams and it wasn't particularly expensive. The most helpful advice was to join the online exams support group
    Case Study 11
  • Taking A Levels at home: Business studies, Sociology, Psychology and Biology
    Case Study 12

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