Exclusions Provision

Legal references on this page apply to England.

Exclusions Provision

School Exclusions Trial Report published July 24th 2014. The Institute of Education (IoE) and the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

Currently, if a pupil is permanently excluded from school, local authorities are responsible for arranging suitable education for such pupils. The School Exclusion Trial (SET) tested the benefits of schools having greater responsibility for meeting the needs of permanently excluded pupils and those at risk of permanent exclusion.

Alternative provision for excluded pupils can include: specialist support, e.g. CAMHS; PRU; individual work placements; time spent in another school (managed move); additional services provided by the LA, e.g. Traveller Education Support Service or LAC team; time spent in FE college, either full or part time; private sector organisations, e.g. offering learning and training opportunities; youth work organisation; independent specialist providers, e.g. behavioural or developmental difficulties; E-learning provision; home tuition service; training provider; voluntary and third sector organisations; hospital school; sports clubs eg boxing academy, football club

None of this is available if pupils are illegally excluded or off-rolled.

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