Hesfes Workshop 2012: 14-19s

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Hesfes Website
NEW WINTER 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT: 14-16s to apply directly to college from 2013 http://edyourself.org/articles/WolfReport.php#14-16scollege

14-19s Workshop

Fiona Nicholson http://edyourself.org/
Frequently Asked Questions Home Education
Contact Form
Conferences and Workshops 2012
Book half hour 1-to-1 advice session, afternoons 2-4.30pm, ask at information desk

Impact of Changes

Cutting Red Tape
Encouraging Innovation
"Black Box Approach": be less prescriptive about methods, and focus on rewarding desired outcomes
Not sure what's changed, what's going to be changed, and which proposed changes have been dropped.

Your Council Has Man Flu

Paradox: Impossible To Stay On Top Of Everything.
Wait And See
Most Important Question: Is This A "Must-do"?
Easier Not To Take Risks, And Just Say No.

Make it Easier for People to say Yes

Do Your Homework
Identify The Obstacles
Are You Talking To The Right Person?
Have You Left Enough Time?
Is There Another Way To Achieve The Same Goal?

Alternative Provision Funding To Be Replaced

UPDATE OCTOBER 2012: The Alternative Provision Funding system continues to operate for 2012-13 but a new system is to be put in place from September 2013 for both college funding and SEN support where children are home educated. http://edyourself.org/articles/WolfReport.php#14-16scollege http://edyourself.org/articles/funding.php


Controlled Assessment. IGCSEs. Finding An Exam Centre.
Intro: Taking Exams as Private Candidate
NEW August 2012: LA Help With Finding Exam Centre
Case Studies
Useful Links on Exams and Home Education

Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit

For home educators "doing a course" = "following a course of home education". Tax office is interested in the date at which home education began, ie the day, month and year and you should have these details at your fingertips. The home education "course" will end on the last day before the young person reaches age 20.
Benefits for Qualifying Young People 16+ in Education
Child Benefit
Child Tax Credit

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