Hesfes Workshop 2012: Single Parents

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New regulations published for Universal Credit in December 2012 + announcement Benefit Cap delayed rollout. See Welfare Reform And Universal Credit

Single Parents Workshop

The Benefit System Now

Benefits Information: Terms And Conditions
Council Tax Benefit
Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit (including 16+)
Housing Benefit
Housing Benefit/Local Housing Allowance/Disabled Children
Income Support
Jobseeker's Allowance

The Benefit System In Future

  • Government says: simplifying the system + targeting help on most needy + making work pay + reducing fraud + ensuring that nobody is "languishing" on benefits.
  • Universal Credit
  • Benefit Cap
  • Bedroom Tax
  • Personal Independence Payment to replace Disability Living Allowance

Universal Credit For Self-Employed

NEW DECEMBER 10TH 2012: Universal Credit Minimum Income Floor (In-work subsidy for self-employment after "trial year") Regulations published here Read more here

What If Non-Resident Parent Objects

Parental Responsibility
Council Home Education Department
Social Services
Family Courts

How Do Other People Manage?

Find Workable Solution For YOU
Think About Longer Term
Unschooling And Single Parents

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