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SEN Pathfinder FOIs 2012

20 pathfinders, covering 31 local authorities and their Primary Care Trust (PCT) partners, were selected in Autumn 2011 initially to test the main proposals in the SEN and Disabilities Green Paper March 2011. I wrote to the listed local authorities at the end of March 2012 to find out whether the final selection had been made for the pilots, and found that most areas had hardly begun to recruit families. This put the project well behind schedule.

Read the FOI responses here This was picked up by John Harris and Jessica Shepherd in the Guardian here

Extracts from 2012 FOIs

Brighton and Hove 2012

“Brighton and Hove’s Pathfinder project has not yet reached the stage of making decisions about which children should be included in the pilot”

Bromley and Bexley 2012

Bromley and Bexley Pathfinder is focusing on children with the most complex of needs.

Calderdale 2012

The pathfinder is working with a relatively small group of children and young people identified by a number of stakeholders across health, education, social care and VCS partners.

Darlington 2012

The Hartlepool and Darlington Pathfinder decided to include children who fall into three categories –Under 7s without a statement, young people yrs 9-11 who have ASD and Looked After Children with statements.

East Sussex 2012

Families have not yet been selected for invitation.

Gateshead 2012

The vast majority of pupils who have been put forward to be part of the pathfinder either have statements, have had statements or are undergoing statutory assessment. There is a working group who are developing the single plan process and suggested names have been put forward by a range of professionals.

Greenwich 2012

One element of our pilot focuses on children under 5. The second element of the pilot is young people preparing for adulthood. This work is focussed in Charlton Special School.

Hertfordshire 2012

The cohort of children involved in the Pathfinder will have significant SEND and will already be in receipt of services from at least two agencies out of education, health and social care.

Kent 2012

Kent County Council has determined that the pilot area for the SEND Pathfinder in Kent will be Thanet.

Lewisham 2012

The cohort of children and young people that will be tested in our pathfinder are: • MAPP (Multi Agency Planning Pathway) new referrals and case reviews. • ASD referrals to the Communication and Interaction Team, within the Inclusion service. • Those families agreed at SEN panel to proceed for a Statutory SEN assessment will be provided with a choice to opt in to the new single assessment process and plan as an alternative.

Manchester 2012

It was an open referral system and any young person within the targeted age range with SEN or disability could be referred for the pathfinder cohort.

Medway 2012

Medway has yet to select the very small number of early years children and 14 plus young people to be involved in the trial and to seek agreement from their parents and carers.

Northamptonshire 2012

The bid submitted by the Northamptonshire and Leicester City Consortium was specifically based around children and young people who attend Designated Special Provisions (DSPs) which are attached to mainstream (i.e. not special) schools in the two areas.

North Yorkshire 2012

Our pilot is relatively small scale. We will trial some of the elements with disabled children under five in the Hambleton/Richmondshire area and other aspects with special school leavers in Scarborough.

Nottinghamshire 2012

In Nottinghamshire we have concentrated upon providing a comparison between the existing system and possible alternative systems through identifying differing cohorts of statemented children.

Rochdale 2012

Rochdale MBC is currently in the process of formulating what the criteria will be for selecting the families to be included in the pilot. When we are at this point, a decision will be taken whether this is an open application or whether there will be an element of targeting around a particular age range and/or a particular additional need.

Trafford 2012

At the moment Trafford are looking to include children that have needs in social care, health and special educational needs. Communication is currently through membership of the advisory board, and this is made up of a wide range of different stakeholders including parents, voluntary sector, schools, SENCOs, Commissioning and so on.

Wigan 2012

Wigan is seeking to involve approximately 20 families in the Pilot and have formulated a matrix to ensure that those involved are a most appropriate representational spread of age, need, geographical location, educational setting, whether mainstream, special or home educated etc.

Wiltshire 2012

All children and young children who have a SEN and/ or who require tier 3 social care or specialist health care from the Children’s Continuing Health Care team may be eligible to apply to be part of the Personal Budgets pilot.

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