Pre-Consultation Survey Wales 25

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Pre-Consultation Survey Wales 2015

A company called Wavehill is developing new non-statutory guidance on elective home education for the Welsh Government. The page below gives details of the pre-consultation survey with respect to home educating families which took place in January/February 2015. The full consultation is now here and the deadline is July 3rd 2015.


Background: In 2012 the Welsh Government consulted about Registering and monitoring home-based education Plans were subsequently dropped, and in May 2014 the Minister Huw Lewis said instead there would be new EHE Guidance by May 2015 (subsequently amended to SEPTEMBER 2015 see page 21) The Government consultation page has a summary of consultation responses

The Minister made reference to "good practice and good engagement by some LAs with the home-educating community" which is also examined in this report by Sue Mitchell for the Welsh Government. My 2012 consultation response highlighted the variations in policy and practice amongst different LAs in Wales with regard to elective home education and also said that the Welsh Government would do better to tackle the issue of off-rolling or unlawful/illegal exclusions.

Survey For Children

In 2012 the Welsh Government asked people in Wales what they thought about keeping a record of how many children and young people were educated at home. Some people thought it would be a good idea but others did not.

After some thought the Welsh Government decided to collect information and write guidance. This will include examples of how well different people work together. The Welsh Government hopes this guidance will help support your learning and other families who choose to educate at home.

We would like to hear what you think about home education and have asked a company called Wavehill to collect information and examples. Sharing your thoughts about home education will help Wavehilll to make sure the guidance is helpful and correct. If you would like to, please answer these questions by Monday 16th Febuary.

Wavehill will keep your answers and information safe. They will send them to the Welsh Government after the new guidance has been written. Please tell Wavehill if you do not want the Welsh Government know who you are.

What do you think about home education?
Here are some things to think about when you are answering these questions…
Resources Qualifications Money Special Educational Needs What you study Bullying Independence Health Friends Culture Language Holidays Sports Happiness Choices Flexibility Religion Travel to school

How old are you?
How long have you been home educated?
What are the reasons that you are home educated? Was it your idea? Or your parents? Did something happen? Tell the story
What do you like the most about being home educated? Describe real experiences or examples to help us understand!...
What do you like the least about being home educated? Describe real experiences or examples to help us understand!...
Do you know if your family gets any advice, support or help from the local authority (anyone attached to schools or the council)? If so, what?
What sort of advice, support or help do you think might be useful to your family?

Survey of Parents/Guardians that electively home educate

In 2012 the Welsh Government conducted a public consultation on legislative proposals for compulsory registration and monitoring of home education. Over 550 responses were received and the consultation revealed a divide in opinion. The majority of home educating parents, home educated learners and organisations representing home educating families were strongly opposed to the introduction of any form of legislation. However, the majority of local authorities (LAs) and organisations with responsibility for children were of the opinion that legislation was absolutely necessary to ensure home educated children were receiving a suitable education.

After considering the responses, the Minister for Education and Skills decided not to legislate during this Assembly term. Instead, he announced that non-statutory guidance would be developed in collaboration with home educating communities and LAs, to assist LAs in supporting, and developing constructive relationships with home educating families.

Wavehill has been contracted to develop this guidance on behalf of the Welsh Government. The consultants have been contracted to conduct an engagement exercise with relevant stakeholders, which will inform the development of the guidance.

This is your opportunity to feed into the process. Your views are important to the development of the guidance for LAs. We would be grateful if you would consider completing this questionnaire by Monday 16th February.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send your responses to the Welsh Government as we will not be able to guarantee that your response will be considered by Wavehill.

Wavehill is required to comply with the Data Protection Act; therefore your personal data will be protected. Wavehill will produce a short summary report of their findings for Welsh Government which will be published on the Welsh Government website. The views expressed during the engagement exercises will not be attributable to individuals. Wavehill is required to send all the data collected to Welsh Government on completion of the project; Wavehill will then securely dispose of the data. You have the right for your views to be anonymised, please make Wavehill aware if that is your wish.

What are the main reasons that you have chosen to educate your child or children at home? - Tick all that apply
Ideological/philosophical reasons
Religious reasons
Health (including emotional health and well being)
Language choice
Lengthy school journey
Reasons associated with Special Education Needs (SEN) (please specify below)
Educational needs not being met at school (please specify below)
Quality of education provided (please specify below)
Other (please specify below)
Prefer not to say

How many of your children are home educated?

At what age were your children when you began home educating them?

What age are they now?

What are the main advantages in providing Home Education? - Tick all that apply
More tailored approach
Free from bullying, peer pressure
Better able to meet SEN
More personal interaction
Develop independence
Family can travel
Other (please specify below)
Prefer not to say

What are the main disadvantages in providing Home Education? - Tick all that apply
Fewer facilities
Fewer socialisation opportunities
Fewer resources
Reduced access to support services
Reduced access to team sport
Children feel isolated
Very challenging
Fewer qualifications
More limited curriculum
Other (please specify below)
Prefer not to say

Do you receive any support and or advice from a local authority or other service/advice provider in educating your child? - Tick one only

Have you received support and advice from your local authority in the past? - Tick one only

How do you agree or disagree with the following statement; “The advice and support of the Local Authority towards Elective Home Education is very helpful? - Tick one only
Strongly agree
Neither agree or disagree
Strongly disagree

Are you aware of your Local Authority’s policy on Home Education? - Tick one only

On a scale of one to ten, with one being ‘not very informative’ and ten being ‘extremely informative’, how would you rate your local authority’s elective home education policy? - Tick one only

Do you think that the approach of the Local Authority towards home education can be improved? - Tick one only

What would you find helpful to include in guidance to local authorities with regards to home education?

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