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Line graph and map showing home educated children as recorded by Local Authorities. For more, see LA Line Graphs and LA Map

This website is the work of Fiona Nicholson.  Fiona has given evidence to Government Committees on the subject of elective home education and can provide you with a clear up-to-date analysis of the key areas of elective home education practice and policy in England and Wales. To make an initial enquiry, please use the contact form Click here to sign up for free email newsletter.

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Fiona Nicholson


Gave evidence to Education Committee, Westminster, September 2012 and Children Schools and Families Select Committee 2009   Government Public Bill Committee, Westminster 2010     Conference Presentations     Regional workshops for home educators    Previous Work with Education Otherwise including Freedom for Children to Grow, the EO Campaign Site (2007-2010 archive). Interviews for Woman's Hour, Today programme, Learning Curve, Radio Five Live, Guardian, Times Educational Supplement, Independent, Daily Telegraph, Children and Young People Now and the Sunday Express.

Assists the Home Education Advisory Service as secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Home Education

LEAFLET Home Education and the Law 1 page pdf

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  5. Government Public Bill Committee, Westminster 2010
  6. Freedom for Children to Grow, the EO Campaign Site
  7. the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Home Education
  8. Home Education and the Law