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We recommend that the Government place a duty on every local authority to ensure access to local centres for home-educated young people to sit accredited public examinations. (Paragraph 43) Education Committee Report Support Home Education

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted: When we inspect local authorities we will be asking are local authorities supporting children at home and funding access to qualifications and examinations

Special Needs Access Arrangements special accommodation in exams eg extra time, reader, scribe, rest breaks, modified paper. http://www.dmurphytutoring.co.uk/blog/access-arrangements-in-examinations MUST-READ BLOG ON ACCESS ARRANGEMENTS AND PRIVATE CANDIDATES, FEBRUARY 2016


Suggested Exams FAQ For Local Authorities   Exams Report   exam hall

Home educated young people take exams as private candidates which involves selecting an exam board with suitable courses and finding an exam centre. State schools don't generally let young people who aren't registered pupils go in to sit exams. Home educators must either find a centre which will deal with controlled assessment for GCSEs (virtually impossible) or find a centre to sit IGCSEs.

DfE explains how external candidates results don't affect schools November 29th 2013

science lab Pembrokeshire College

Some home educating families find that it is not necessary to take as many exams as children do in school and there may be flexibility or non-standard entry where colleges understand more about the applicant's background. Home educators also tend to begin exams earlier. In some cases it's been possible for home educated young people to sit exams as external candidates in private schools. Home educating families tend progress through the course material by self-study working through recommended textbooks. Families can also set up their own tutor groups.

The reason why home educators tend to use centres which are already up and running rather than setting up their own registered exam centre are to do with the rules for becoming an exam centre


A growing number of home educating families opt to take IGCSEs because of the difficulties of arranging approved supervision for controlled assessments in GCSEs. International GCSEs or IGCSEs are predominantly exam-based ie the candidate is not required to submit coursework as part of the overall mark scheme. The main exam boards or awarding bodies for IGCSEs are CIEand Pearson Edexcel. More exam centres are registered with Edexcel though this does not necessarily mean that the centre will accept private candidates for IGCSEs.

Controlled Assessment

Private candidates need to find a registered centre that will:

  1. accept them for all elements of Controlled Assessment Task Taking and Task Marking, including preparation and analysis prior to the Task Taking
  2. undertake authentication of Controlled Assessment Tasks
  3. keep their work securely between sessions
  4. undertake the assessment of any Controlled Assessment Tasks.

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Online A Levels and Science Practicals

http://online.pembrokeshire.ac.uk/home-ed.html Online A Levels + Science Practicals with Pembrokeshire College.

New Style GCSEs and A Levels

In July 2014 the Department for Education announced that GCSE alternative qualifications - including IGCSEs - will not count towards school performance tables in 2017. More

New GCSEs will be assessed mainly by exams and will only be tiered where one set of assessments won't work across the full ability range. New GCSEs will also be graded 9 to 1.

Bigger Maths May 2014 DfE Statement on English Syllabus May 29th 2014

Ofqual new assessment arrangements GCSE, A level and AS published April 9th 2014

Alternative Qualifications and Courses

links to Access to Music Crest Awards (Science); John Muir Awards (Environment, conservation); Smallpeice Trust (Engineering, short residential courses); University of Kent Space School (Astronomy, short residential course); University of Leicester Space School; ASDAN awards

Exam Centre Run By Home Educators

Exam centre run by home educators for home educators, Hampshire + Home education Exams tutor groups, Hampshire and Hampshire/Berkshire border More + home education exam classes running from Sept 2015 on the Hampshire/Berkshire border, close to Basingstoke, Reading and Newbury. J6 M3/ J10/11 M4 Monday June 29th 2015: meet the tutors and find out more, contact jakimparsons@gmail.com. GCSE Drama, IGCSE Environmental Management, GCSE Maths [2 year course], IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE English Literature, GCSE Classical Civilisation, IGCSE English Language

Compulsory English and Maths 16+

The new 16+ funding arrangements mean that "from August 2014, the 16-19 study programme requirement that students should continue to study mathematics and English if they did not achieve a GCSE grade C in these subjects by the age of 16 will become a condition of funding". This is explained in the Government's Funding Formula Overview.

The Department for Education has recognised that IGCSEs will count as equivalent "for the foreseeable future." Please see the letter from the Minister for Skills and Equalities here (pdf here)

The DfE web page was updated in February 2015 to include "unregulated IGCSEs" Link The DfE web page now also says that CIE O Levels will also be sufficient for prior attainment in English and maths.

GCSE Condition of Funding Exemption

There is a small number of students who are not able to take a GCSE or a stepping stone qualification, particularly those with multiple and complex needs. These students can be exempt from studying qualifications but appropriate literacy and numeracy should still be included in their study programme. An institution may decide that a student with learning difficulties cannot study maths or English at GCSE or stepping stone level. In this case, in addition to the student’s statement of Special Educational Need, a Learning Difficulty Assessment or an Education Health and Care Plan, the institution must hold an evidenced assessment that the student is not able to study these subjects. This assessment needs to be authorised by an appropriate professional in the institution, such as the head of SEN or Student Support. The assessment should be structured and documented.

College Fees Can Be Funded When Home Educated Children are Under 16

From September 2013, colleges can admit 14-16s directly Where individual home educated learners below the age of 16 begin a college course in September 2013 the college will be able to claim the course fees directly from the Government, irrespective of whether the college signs up to the whole new 14-16s direct admission scheme this year.

No More GCSE Re-takes + End of November Exams (except for Maths and English)

From 2014 the only GCSEs open for resits in November will be English and Maths

timetable for introduction new GCSEs updated May 14th 2015

End Modular A Levels

timetable for changes AS and A Level updated June 2015


Speaking and Listening Component

Speaking and listening assessments will not count towards final grades in GCSE English and English language for awards made from Summer 2014. More

Changes to A Level Resits

No January resits from 2014 onwards End January retakes for A Levels

Open University for Under-18s

Some home educated young people under the age of 18 take courses with the Open University and obtain sufficient credits either to continue with a full OU degree or to apply to a bricks and mortar university. Funding has changed in England. More information here
Tamsyn Fortune Wood: OU as route to Birmingham City University
Home Education Exams Wiki: experiences of Open University
Open University Policy Under 18s
OU Fees
Alex Dowty: OU as route to Oxford

Ofsted Guidance

Click here for Ofsted guidance on home education to inspectors, April 2015.

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