Local Offer

Local Offer SEN and Disability

Short introductory leaflet to home education for the Local Offer here

Archived page as pdf August 30th 2014


The purpose of the local offer is to enable parents and young people to see more clearly what specialist, targeted and universal services are available in their area and how to access them. This is not restricted to special educational needs and disabilities, but should include wider provision from birth to 25, across education, health and social care and should be developed in conjunction with children and young people, parents and carers, and local services, including schools, colleges, health and social care agencies.

The Local Offer is set out in Section 30 of the Children and Families Act 2014 and in the Local Offer Regulations. DfE has not prescribed basic minimum requirements for what must be offered; instead the regulations stipulate that the LA must publish information on its website about what it expects to be on offer.

The Regulations say that the LA must seek comments on the contents of the local offer "including the quality of the provision that is included and any provision that is not included". The LA must also publish the comments on its website "at least annually". However, the LA is not required to publish comments which it considers to be vexatious or relate to services provided to a particular individual.

For a quick and very readable summary of the main drawback of the local offer click here

Local Offers A to Z England 2014

Barking and Dagenham FOI LO lead Jackie Ross, SEN Consultant Jackie.Ross@lbbd.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Barking and Dagenham Local Offer

Barnet FOI LO lead Principal Educational Psychologist Judith Gainsborough; Hannah Lethbridge Senior Educational Psychologist and Lead on the Education Health and Care Plan Working Group Judith.Gainsborough@barnet.gov.uk, hannah.lethbridge@barnet.gov.uk, SENreforms@Barnet.gov.uk, chris.kiernan@barnet.gov.uk, educationalpsychology@barnet.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Barnet Local Offer

Barnsley FOI LO lead Janine Muller Service and Strategy Manager - Integrated Inclusion Services janinemuller@barnsley.gov.uk Tracy Jubb, SEN Reforms Implementation Manager tracyjubb@barnsley.gov.uk; Jackie Griffin, Family Information and Involvement Officer jackiegriffin@barnsley.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH Barnsley Local Offer

Bath and North East Somerset LO information LO lead Charlie Moat, Project Officer, Service Improvement Charlie_Moat@bathnes.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Bath and North East Somerset Local Offer

Bedford FOI Principal Educational Psychologist Tim Long tim.long@bedford.gov.uk) Bedford Family Services Directory NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Bedford Short Breaks Local Offer

Bexley Pathfinder with Bromley Bexley FOI LO lead Janine Wooster, Complex Needs Manager, Children's Social Care, Safeguarding and SEN Janine.wooster@bexley.gov.uk Bexley Parent Carer Forum Local Offer Information page Web project manager Stephen.cohen@sendirect.org.uk NEW DECEMBER 15TH 2014 Bexley LO (OCTOBER 5TH 2014 Bexley Local Offer apology)

Birmingham FOI LO lead Chris Atkinson – Assistant Director for Children with Complex Needs chris.atkinson@birmingham.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Birmingham Local Offer

Blackburn with Darwen FOI LO lead Susan Hayward Acting Head of Service Susan.Hayward@blackburn.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH Blackburn Local Offer

Blackpool FOI LO lead Simon Jenner Principal Educational Psychologist, SEND Service manager simon.jenner@blackpool.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH Blackpool Local Offer

Bolton FOI LO lead Sue Cornwell - Head of SEN Services and Principal Educational Psychologist susan.cornwell@bolton.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Bolton Local Offer

Bournemouth. Principal SEN Officer Sonia.colton@bournemouth.gov.uk

Bracknell Forest FOI LO lead Mandy Wilton, Head of Targeted Services amanda.wilton@bracknell-forest.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH 2014 Bracknell Forest Local Offer

Bradford FOI LO leads Jenni Leary SEN Planning and Project Manager jenni.leary@bradford.gov.uk and Cath Dew Service Manager Specialist Family Support cath.dew@bradford.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Bradford Local Offer Information Bradford Local Offer Holding Page

Brent FOI LO lead Sara Williams, Operational Director Early Help and Education sara.williams@brent.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Brent Local Offer

Brighton and Hove Pathfinder part of SE7 Brighton and Hove FOI LO lead Hass Yilmaz Acting Head of SEN and Principal Educational Psychologist Hass.yilmaz@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk Brighton and Hove Local Offer

Bristol FOI LO lead Mark Hamilton, Planning and Development Manager mark.hamilton@bristol.gov.uk. NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Bristol Local Offer

Bromley Pathfinder with Bexley bromley.pathfinderchampion@phoenixsch.org.uk Bromley FOI LO lead Jane Bailey Assistant Director, Education Jane.Bailey@bromley.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH Bromley Local Offer

Buckinghamshire FOI LO lead Liz Smith Programme Manager (includes management of Buckinghamshire Family Information Service) lajsmith@ buckscc.gov.uk LO information page

Bury Family Information Service

Calderdale Pathfinder Calderdale FOI NEW AUGUST 30TH Calderdale Local Offer LO lead Annabel Macgregor annabel.macgregor@calderdale.gov.uk

Cambridgeshire FOI LO lead Robert Wilson Parent Partnership Service Manager robert.wilson@cambridgeshire.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Cambridgeshire Local Offer

Camden FOI LO lead Theresa Collier Head of Commissioning and Partnerships theresa.collier@camden.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Camden Local Offer

Central Bedfordshire FOI LO lead Helen Redding, Assistant Director School Improvement Helen.redding@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH 2014 Central Bedfordshire Local Offer

Cheshire East Local Offer Sen.Reforms@cheshireeast.gov.uk, victoria.howarth@cheshireeast.gov.uk, cheshireeastpcf@gmail.com NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Cheshire East Local Offer alt site

Cheshire West and Chester parentpartnership@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk, helen.nuttall@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk Helen Nuttall Principal SEN Support and Development NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Cheshire West and Chester Local Offer

City of London FOI LO lead Education and Early Years Manager Gerald Mehrtens gerald.mehrtens@cityoflondon.gov.uk, Kirstie.Hilton@cityoflondon.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 City of London Local Offer

Cornwall Pathfinder with Isles of Scilly Cornwall FOI Sandra Page, Operational Lead SEND Pathfinder spage@cornwall.gov.uk Paul Maber-Gill Business Support Manager pmaber-gill@cornwall.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Cornwall Local Offer

Coventry FOI LO lead Marian Simpson, Senior Officer SEN Management Services marian.simpson@coventry.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Coventry Local Offer

Croydon FOI Working with Parents Forum, Lead for LO is Linda Wright, Head of Inclusion, Learning Access and SEN, supported by Trisha Holmes, SEN Reform Manager linda.wright@croydon.gov.uk, trisha.holmes@croydon.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Croydon Local Offer

Cumbria FOI LO lead Dewi Hughes, Senior Educational Psychologist dewi.hughes@cumbria.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Cumbria Local Offer

Darlington Pathfinder Darlington FOI LO lead Susan Davison Choice Adviser People and Families Information and Support Manager sue.davison@darlington.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH Darlington Local Offer

Derby City FOI LO lead Angela Cole Head Inclusion and Intervention angela.cole@derby.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Derby Local Offer

Derbyshire FOI LO lead Linda Dale, Head of Commissioning and Partnerships Children and Younger Adults Department linda.dale@derbyshire.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Derbyshire Local Offer

Devon Pathfinder Devon FOI LO leads Amber Burton for SEN Strategic Officer (Education), Jenny Connelly (Commissioner) Health and Social Care amber.burton@babcock.co.uk, jennyconnelly@nhs.net NEW AUGUST 30TH 2014 Devon Local Offer

Doncaster FOI LO lead Michael McGuigan, Commissioning Manager, Disabilities Michael.mcguigan@doncaster.gov.uk Doncaster Local Offer

Dorset FOI Dorset Local Offer

Dudley FOI NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Dudley Local Offer

Durham FOI Strategic Lead for SEN and Inclusion Jane Le Sage; SEN Development Officer Derek Sayer is leading on the Local Offer jlesage@durham.gov.uk, derek.sayer@durham.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH 2014 Durham Local Offer

Ealing FOI LO lead Holly Morgan-Smith Project Manager for SEND Reforms hmorgansmith@ealing.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Ghazala Sheikh/Debbie Grey gsheikh@ealing.gov.uk, DGrey@ealing.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Ealing Local Offer

East Riding FOI LO lead Jane Gould Acting Service Manager: Specialist Services and Inclusive Education and Principal Educational Psychologist jane.gould@ eastriding.gov.uk East Riding Family Information Service Hub (FISH)

East Sussex Pathfinder part of SE7 East Sussex FOI LO lead Jenny Clench SEND Reform Implementation and Pathfinder Lead) jenny.clench@eastsussex.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH 2014 East Sussex Local Offer SE7 SEND Pathfinder Regional Lead jean.haigh@eastsussex.gov.uk

Enfield FOI LO lead Janet Leach, Head of the Joint Service for Disabled Children and Sarah McLean, SEND Project Manager janet.leach@enfield.gov.uk, sarah.mclean@enfield.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Ahmad Ramjhun/Janet Leach ahmad.ramjhun@enfield.gov.uk, janet.leach@enfield.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Enfield Local Offer Enfield Local Offer pdf

Essex FOI LO lead Peta Ullmann, Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service Manager peta.ullmann@essex.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Essex Local Offer

Gateshead Pathfinder Gateshead FOI LO lead Jill Bird lead officer transend Pathfinder jillbird@gateshead.gov.uk. NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Gateshead Local Offer

Gloucestershire FOI LO lead Alison Cathles: Commissioning Project Manager Alison.Cathles@gloucestershire.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH 2014 Gloucestershire Local Offer

Greenwich Pathfinder Greenwich FOI LO lead Joan Lightfoot Head of Integrated Support for Disabled Children joan.lightfoot@greenwich.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 30TH 2014 Greenwich Local Offer

Hackney Disabled Children's Service LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Andrew Lee/Helen McNulty andrew.lee@learningtrust.co.uk, Helen.Mcnulty@learningtrust.co.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Hackney Local Offer

Halton FOI LO lead Pam Beaumont pamela.beaumont@halton.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Halton Local Offer

Hammersmith Triborough FOI LO lead Alison Farmer Assistant Director for Special Educational Needs and Vulnerable Children alison.farmer@rbkc.gov.uk ADDED MARCH 2015 Hammersmith and Fulham Local Offer

Hampshire Pathfinder part of SE7 Hampshire FOI LO lead Tesni Mason, Parent Partnership Officer tesni.mason@hants.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 8TH 2014 Hampshire Local Offer

Haringey FOI LO lead Phil DiLeo, Head of Additional Needs and Disabilities phil.dileo@haringey.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Janet Miller NEW OCTOBER 2014 Haringey Local Offer

Harrow FOI LO lead Audrey Salmon, Senior Commissioner (tbc) audrey.salmon@harrow.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Roger Rickman roger.rickman@harrow.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 31ST 2014 Harrow Local Offer

Hartlepool Pathfinder with Darlington Hartlepool FOI LO lead Tracy Liveras Short Break and Parent Participation Officer tracy.liveras@hartlepool.gov.uk Hartlepool Local Offer

Havering FOI Havering’s production of a Local Offer is being led by Karen Fletcher-Wright, SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND DISABILITY SERVICES LTD, but the overall SEN Lead is Mary Pattinson, who is Head of Learning and Achievement and Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms mary.pattinson@havering.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 31ST 2014 Havering Local Offer

Herefordshire FOI LO lead Les Knight, Head of Additional Needs lknight1@herefordshire.gov.uk Herefordshire Local Offer

Hertfordshire Pathfinder Hertfordshire FOI LO lead Senior Commissioning Manager, Joint Children and Young People's Commissioning Service (unable to find name or email address, possibly Patricia Walker, LDD Strategy and Commissioning Manager at Services for Young People Hertfordshire patricia.walker@hertfordshire.gov.uk Hertfordshire Local Offer

Hillingdon FOI LO lead Jackie Wright - Head of SEN/Disability Service, LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Satwinder Saraan

Hounslow FOI LO lead Merle Abbott, Head of SEN and Disability merle.abbott@hounslow.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Merle Abbott/Sukhvir Jhamat merle.abbott@hounslow.gov.uk, Sukhvir.jhamat@hounslow.gov.uk Hounslow Local Offer

Hull FOI Sue Day, Assistant Head (Inclusion and Access) is ultimately leading on Green Paper Support and Aspiration. Helen Sail Head of Language Unit, Medical PRU, IPASS, Early Years SEN AND Anny Bibby, Principal Educational Psychologist leading specifically on Local Offer Susan.Day@hullcc.gov.uk, helen.sail@hullcc.gov.uk, anny.bibby@hullcc.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 31ST Hull Local Offer

Isle of Wight FOI LO lead is Education Officer (SEN) West Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (? Martin Goodwin?) Martin.goodwin@hants.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Isle of Wight Local Offer

Isles of Scilly Pathfinder with Cornwall Isles of Scilly FOI LO lead Joel Williams, Children's Centre and extended services manager jwilliams@scilly.gov.uk "We will add to the existing Cornwall Family Information Service site" NEW AUGUST 31ST 2014 Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Offer

Islington FOI LO lead Richard Wells, Short Breaks Manager richard.wells@islington.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 31ST 2014 Islington Local Offer

Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea FOI LO lead Alison Farmer Assistant Director for Special Educational Needs and Vulnerable Children alison.farmer@rbkc.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Kensington and Chelsea Local Offer

Kent Pathfinder part of SE7 Kent FOI LO lead Julie Ely, Head of SEN Assessment and Placement julie.ely@kent.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Kent Local Offer

Kingston on Thames FOI LO leads (March 2014) Caroline Baxter Manager Integrated Service for Disabled Children and Young People caroline.baxter@rbk.kingston.gov.uk, lindiwe.mokoena@richmond.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Simon James simon.james@richmond.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 2014 Kingston LO

Kirklees FOI LO lead Matthew Holland Head of Children's Trust Management and Development Children and Adults Commissioning and Safeguarding Assurance matthew.holland@kirklees.gov.uk ADDED MARCH 2015 Kirklees Local Offer

Knowsley NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Knowsley Local Offer

Lambeth FOI LO lead and LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Michael Donkor, Head of Special Educational Needs mdonkor@lambeth.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Lambeth Local Offer

Lancashire FOI LO leads Brian Robinson Service Manager, IDSS and Alison Moore Joint SEND Reforms Development Manager brian.robinson@lancashire.gov.uk, Alison.Moore@lancashire.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Lancashire Local Offer

Leeds FOI LO lead Barbara Newton, Head of Complex Needs, has overall responsibility. The local offer work stream is being led by Val Waite, Principal Educational Psychologist and Best Practice Development lead barbara.newton@leeds.gov.uk, val.waite@leeds.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Local Offer

Leicester City Pathfinder with Northamptonshire Leicester City FOI NEW AUGUST 29TH Leicester Local Offer

NEW AUGUST 29TH Leicestershire Local Offer

Lewisham Pathfinder Lewisham FOI LO lead Elizabeth Bryan, SEND, Project Manager Elizabeth.bryan@lewisham.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Local Offer

Lincolnshire FOI LO lead Sheridan Dodsworth, Head of Service for Children with Disabilities and Additional Needs Sheridan.dodsworth@lincolnshire.gov.uk Lincolnshire Local Offer

Liverpool FOI LO lead Jan Abbie Service Manager for Commissioning and Inclusion Children and Young People's Service jan.abbie@liverpool.gov.uk ADDED MARCH 2015 Liverpool LO update Liverpool Local Offer (refreshed 2015)

Luton FOI LO Strategic Lead Harriet Martin, Educational Psychology and Special Educational Needs Service Manager; Operational Lead Davina Stubbs Special Educational Needs Assessment Team Manager and Graham Read, Consultant. harriet.martin@luton.gov.uk, Davina.stubbs@luton.gov.uk Luton Local Offer

Manchester Pathfinder Manchester FOI The Local Offer group is chaired by the Team Leader from Parent Partnership and reports to the SEN Reform Board. Manchester Local Offer

Medway Pathfinder part of SE7 Medway FOI Jane Marriott Psychology and Inclusion Service Manager Medway LO Lead jane.marriott@medway.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Medway Local Offer

Merton FOI LO lead Janet Martin, Head of Education janet.martin@merton.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Gary King/Kaye Beeson. ADDED MARCH 2015 Merton Local Offer

Middlesbrough FOI (joint working group Middlesbrough/Redcar and Cleveland) LO lead Paul Mitchell, Direct Services Manager Middlesbrough Parent Partnership Janet_Beckwith@middlesbrough.gov.uk ADDED MARCH 2015 Middlesbrough Local Offer

caroline.marriott@milton-keynes.gov.uk, parent.partnership@milton-keynes.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Milton Keynes Local Offer

Newcastle on Tyne FOI LO lead Alan Carrick SEN Provision and Monitoring alan.carrick@newcastle.gov.uk SEN Reform information

Newham FOI LO lead and LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reform James Hourigan james.hourigan@newham.gov.uk, zeporah.francis@newham.gov.uk Newham Service Directory pdf 2013

Norfolk FOI LO lead Dave Winteringham, Principal Educational Psychologist dave.winteringham@norfolk.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Norfolk Local Offer

Northamptonshire Pathfinder with Leicester City Northamptonshire Local Offer

North East Lincolnshire FOI LO Lead Glenn Allgood (Consultant)

North Lincolnshire FOI LO lead is Darren Chaplin, Principal Officer Vulnerable Children and Young People darren.chaplin@northlincs.gov.uk

North Somerset FOI LO lead Heather Brumby heather.brumby@n-somerset.gov.uk

North Tyneside FOI LO lead Anne Cassidy and Graham Cowie anne.cassidy@northtyneside.gov.uk, graham.cowie@northtyneside.gov.uk North Tyneside SEN Information page

North Yorkshire Pathfinder North Yorkshire FOI LO lead Dave Chapman, Development Support Officer, Access and Inclusion, Children and Young People's Service dave.chapman@northyorks.gov.uk 2014 North Yorkshire Local Offer

Northumberland FOI LO Lead Mary Connor Senior Manager for Early Intervention and Prevention Northumberland Local Offer

Nottingham City FOI Irene Andrews and Alison Weaver are contacts for the LO irene.andrews@nottinghamcity.gov.uk, alison.weaver@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Nottinghamshire Pathfinder Nottinghamshire LO FOI LO lead Simon Ray Senior Professional Practitioner Strategy, Planning and Commissioning simon.ray@nottscc.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Nottinghamshire Local Offer

Oldham Pathfinder Oldham FOI LO lead Jonathan Wilding Project Manager jonathan.wilding@oldham.gov.uk Oldham Local Offer

Oxfordshire FOI LO lead Janet Johnson Special Education Needs Manager janet.johnson@oxfordshire.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Local Offer

NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Peterborough Local Offer

Plymouth FOI LO lead Jo Siney, Integrated Services Disability Manager jo.siney@plymouth.gov.uk

Poole FOI LO lead Nick Wharam Strategic Planning and Commissioning Manager for Children's Services n.wharam@poole.gov.uk

Portsmouth FOI Programme Lead LO Richard Harvey SEND information leaflet

Reading Local Offer

Redbridge LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Paul McCarthy NEW AUGUST 29TH Redbridge Local Offer

Redcar Cleveland FOI LO lead Nicola Hall Families Information Service Manager nicola_hall@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk FOI Joint working group Middlesbrough/Redcar and Cleveland

Richmond on Thames FOI LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Simon James simon.james@richmond.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Richmond Local Offer

Rochdale Pathfinder Rochdale FOI LO lead Head of Service, Maria Boyle maria.boyle@rochdale.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Rochdale Local Offer

Rotherham FOI Jayne Fitzgerald Rotherham Parent Carer Forum is leading the "Giving Parents Control" work stream supported by Claire Whiting Educational Psychologist claire-marie.whiting@rotherham.gov.uk

Rutland FOI LO lead Vicky Todd Head of Inclusion vtodd@rutland.gov.uk

Salford FOI LO lead Eileen Buchan, Head of Service, Integrated Youth Support Service eileen.buchan@salford.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Salford Local Offer

Sandwell FOI LO lead Pat Evans pat_evans@sandwell.gov.uk Sandwell SEN Information

Sefton FOI LO lead Mike McSorley mike.mcsorley@sefton.gov.uk

Sheffield FOI LO lead contact Mary Collins Principal Educational Psychologist mary.collins@sheffield.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Sheffield Local Offer

Shropshire FOI LO lead Sarah Wilkins; Service Manager Safeguarding Support Services and Commissioning Development Sarah.wilkins@shropshire.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Shropshire Local Offer

Slough FOI LO lead Liz Scott Team Manager Assessment and Information Team (incorporating the Family Information and Parent Partnership Services) Early Help Service Liz.scott@slough.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Slough Local Offer

Solihull Pathfinder Solihull FOI No designated LO lead NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Solihull Local Offer

Somerset FOI ("The target date is September 2014 in line with the implementation of the Act, but current consultation may result in the government extending the deadline to April 2015") NEW OCTOBER 2014 Somerset Local Offer

South Gloucestershire FOI Lynne Kingdon CYP Information Manager is the theme lead for the Local Offer within South Gloucestershire NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 South Gloucestershire Local Offer

South Tyneside FOI LO lead Peter Cutts Head of Education Learning and Skills peter.cutts@southtyneside.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 South Tyneside Local Offer

Southampton Pathfinder Southampton FOI LO lead Becky Davis SEND Operational Development Manager, Kevin Allan Commissioning Lead People Directorate Rebecca.davis@southampton.gov.uk, kevin.allan@southampton.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Southampton Local Offer

Southend FOI LO lead Sandra Bingham sandrabingham@southend.gov.uk LO information page

Southwark FOI Jonathan Lillistone Head of Commissioning Children Families and Adults jonathan.lillistone@southwark.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Merril Haeusler merril.haeusler@southwark.gov.uk

St Helens FOI LO leads Janice Smith Additional Needs Manager and Karen Gillis Customer Relationship Manager janicesmith@sthelens.gov.uk, karengillis@sthelens.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 St Helens Local Offer

Staffordshire FOI LO lead julie.forrest-davis@staffordshire.gov.uk New SEN links all one page August 2014

Stockport FOI LO lead Andy Simpkins Head of SEN and Inclusion Strategy Learning and Achievement Children and Young People’s Directorate andy.simpkins@stockport.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Stockport Local Offer

Stockton on Tees FOI LO lead Jane Harvey, Early Years and Complex Needs Manager jane.harvey@stockton.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Stockton Local Offer

Stoke on Trent FOI LO lead Geoff Catterall Strategic Lead geoff.catterall@stoke.gov.uk

Suffolk FOI LO lead Tony Sale County Manager SEN tony.Sale@suffolk.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Suffolk Local Offer

Sunderland FOI Annette Parr is the LO lead. Annette.parr@sunderland.gov.uk Sunderland Family Information Service

Surrey Pathfinder Surrey FOI LO lead Jane Barker, Joint Head of Additional and Special Education Needs jane.barker@surreycc.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Surrey Local Offer

Sutton FOI LO leads John Barrow, Head of SEN, and Rosemary Brennan, LO Project Officer and Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms john.barrow@sutton.gov.uk,rosemary.brennan@sutton.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Sutton Local Offer

Swindon FOI (LO lead not given) Swindon Local Offer

Tameside FOI LO lead Sheena Wooding, Service Manager sheena.wooding@tameside.gov.uk Tameside Local Offer

Telford and Wrekin FOI LO lead Vivianne McKay Interim Service Delivery Manager (Children and Families and Transport) Vivianne.McKay2@telford.gov.uk, natalie.bevan@telford.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Telford and Wrekin Local Offer

Thurrock FOI LO lead Malcolm Taylor Strategic Lead for Learner Support mwtaylor@thurrock.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Thurrock Local Offer Under Construction

Torbay FOI LO lead Tricia Harwood tricia.harwood@torbay.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Torbay Local Offer

Tower Hamlets FOI LO lead Anthony Walters, Transformation Manager, Education, Social Care and Wellbeing Directorate anthony.walters@towerhamlets.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms David Carroll david.carroll@towerhamlets.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Tower Hamlets Local Offer

Trafford Pathfinder NEW AUGUST 29TH Trafford Local Offer

Wakefield FOI (LO includes Family Information Service and Wesail, dedicated service to provide information and support for families. LO lead Anji Keegan, Head of SENSS SENSS@wakefield.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Wakefield Local Offer

Walsall FOI LO lead is Lesley Wright wrightlesley@walsall.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Walsall Local Offer

Waltham Forest FOI Andrew Beckett, Interim Head of Inclusion is leading on the Local Offer andrew.beckett@walthamforest.gov.uk LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Rhianedd Hughes rhianedd.hughes@walthamforest.gov.uk Waltham Forest LO information page

Wandsworth FOI ("The requirement to publish a local offer will not be in place until September 2014 at earliest and consultation has taken place on transitional arrangements which may mean the full offer is not in place until April 2015") LA Strategic Lead for SEN Reforms Carol Payne cpayne@wandsworth.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 1ST 2014 Wandsworth Local Offer

Warrington FOI LO Lead Kim Grice, Service Manager (Learning and Achievement 0 – 11), who reports to the SEND Programme Board kgrice@warrington.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Warrington Local Offer

Warwickshire FOI Judith Humphry SEND Implementation Lead judithhumphry@warwickshire.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Warwickshire Local Offer Warwickshire LO Consultation

West Berkshire FOI LO lead Jane Seymour, Service Manager, SEN Inclusion jseymour@westberks.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH West Berkshire Local Offer

Westminster Family Information Service NEW OCTOBER 2014 Westminster Local Offer

West Sussex Pathfinder West Sussex FOI "Chris Lewis is leading on the Local Offer with support from Heather McIntosh from the Parent Partnership chris.lewis@westsussex.gov.uk, parent.partnership@westsussex.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 1ST 2014 West Sussex Local Offer

Wigan Pathfinder Wigan FOI LO lead Steve Walker SEND Pathfinder Project Lead s.walker@wigan.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Wigan Local Offer

Wiltshire Pathfinder Wiltshire FOI NEW AUGUST 29TH Wiltshire Local Offer

Windsor and Maidenhead FOI LO lead David Scott, Head of Education Strategy and Commissioning david.scott@rbwm.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 29TH Windsor and Maidenhead Local Offer

Wirral FOI LO lead is Peter Davies, Head of Sensory Services pjdavies@wirral.gov.uk NEW AUGUST 31ST Wirral Local Offer

Wokingham FOI LO lead is Martin Baker, Interim Assistant Director Children’s Services and Principal Educational Psychologist martin.baker@wokingham.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Wokingham Local Offer

Wolverhampton FOI Lucy Harris Parent Partnership Co-ordinator is LO Project Manager. Kathy Roper Joint Commissioning Team Manager is overseeing LO implementation lucy.harris@wolverhampton.gov.uk, Kathy.roper@wolverhampton.gov.uk NEW SEPTEMBER 2014 Wolverhampton Local Offer

Worcestershire FOI Early Help Hub and EduLink. SEN Reform Steering Group. LO lead Liz Holt: Interim Manager Learning and Achievement, Children's Services lholt@worcestershire.gov.uk NEW OCTOBER 2014 Worcestershire Local Offer

York FOI York Local Offer LO lead Jess Haslam, Head of Integrated services for Disabled Children/SEN jessica.haslam@york.gov.uk

Pathfinder Regional Champions + Transition to Adult Services Contacts

Hansard March 19th 2014 Col 626W Autism charities support for transition + schools/college transition innovation

LO Content Checklist via Regional North West Pathfinder Champion Conference March 2014

LO Musts Audit Tool via Regional North West Pathfinder Champion Conference March 2014

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-send-pathfinder-programme-evaluation-pathfinder-champions published March 31st 2014

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-send-pathfinder-programme-evaluation published March 31st 2014 (LO self-reported progress pages 28-30)

Bromley and Bexley: helen.norris@phoenixsch.org.uk, bromley.pathfinderchampion@phoenixsch.org.uk, Janine.Wooster@bexley.gov.uk
SE7: Tracy.Mander@eastsussex.gov.uk
Hertfordshire: Karen.Noble@hertfordshire.gov.uk http://www.preparingforadulthood.org.uk/what-we-do/regional-support/east-of-england
via Pathfinder Information 2013-14 See also SE7 Pathfinder Regional Steering Group Membership 2012

North East Regional Champions is Hartlepool. Zoe Westley leads on transition to adult services zoe.westley@hartlepool.gov.uk Preparing for Adulthood North East Team Leads Linda Jordan and Ellen Atkinson linda.jordan@ndti.org.uk, ejatkinson@me.com

North West Regional Champion are Manchester, Wigan and Trafford. Julie Hicklin leads on transition to adult services j.hicklin@manchester.gov.uk Preparing for Adulthood North West Team Lead Linda Jordan linda.jordan@ndti.org.uk

The Regional Champions for London are Bromley and Bexley Debi Christie leads on transition to adult services debi.christie@bromley.gov.uk Preparing for Adulthood London Team Lead Kate Jackson kate.jackson@NDTi.org.uk

Ofsted Role?

Lord Low July 2014: On Report, the Minister announced the Government had asked Ofsted to review the need for an inspection framework to drive improvements in local SEN provision and the local offer. The Minister indicated that Ofsted would publish its findings in summer 2014 but to date we have heard very little about Ofsted’s progress.

Minister July 2014: Ofsted is now completing its survey of how local areas are working on the reforms and will make recommendations soon about the possible role of inspection in monitoring and accountability. I will...ensure quickly that I check precisely where Ofsted is. If Ofsted is not where we think it might be, we might give it a bit of a chaser. More

Get Involved

If your LA is a Pathfinder (marked below), you should be able to find more information as Pathfinders have been given money by the Government to promote engagement with families since 2012. More on Pathfinder funding

You can give your views by contacting the Local Offer lead directly or by completing an online survey or emailing a "SENREFORMS" type of email address. For some ideas of what to say, please see the email I sent to my Parent Carer Forum April 9th 2014

Remember the Local Offer is not restricted to special educational needs and disabilities, but should include wider provision across education, health and social care from birth to 25.

In many areas, the Local Offer is building on the existing Family Information Services Directory, so it is worth contacting this service as well.

You should also be able to give feedback via your local Parent Partnership and Parent Carer Forum. Where possible I have provided the relevant contact details below.

Some areas have set up Local Offer Working Groups/Task Groups/Steering Groups and you should be able to find minutes of meetings online. You can also ask for an agenda item to be added if you feel an area has been ignored or neglected.

You can also get in touch with the LA Strategic Lead for wider SEN reforms

Pathfinder Regional Champions Mott MacDonald website (Wiltshire and SE7 focus on engagement with families) + Council for Disabled Children Pathfinder Champions web page

Website links from Mott MacDonald for Pathfinders

Mott MacDonald LO Progress Report from Pathfinders (55 page pdf Part 2 – Pathfinders engaging stakeholders in the development of the local offer + links, pages 11-47, last updated December 2013)

Changes to SEN law will be introduced between 2014 and 2018.

Survey Parent Carer Forums published April 10th 2014, via Contact-a-Family Many parent carer forums don't think their local area will be ready to implement the SEND Reforms by September 2014. Special Educational Needs: preparing for the future – LGO report (PDF document) (April 2014)
Non-pathfinder areas implementing less than a third of the nine main elements of the reforms Summary DfE research SEN reform readiness

See also SEN in Children and Families Act 2014 Final SEN Code Practice 2014 Home Education and SEN Introducing Personal Budgets

Implementation Date

On September 1st 2014 lawyer Steve Broach argued that all local authorities should have a Local Offer published no later than September 1st 2014.

However, in April 2014 the Minister's letter said "from [my emphasis] 1 September 2014 local authorities will be required to consult with families and providers of services and publish a local offer"

Then on June 11th 2014 DfE said that "the Local Offer should be introduced progressively from September 2014" implying that it did not have to be up and running by September. See Government response page 53.

On July 8th DfE published Advice for LAs and Health Partners via this page which stated "By September 2014 you must publish an initial, accessible, local offer".

In early 2015 a case went to Judicial Review which in some quarters was hailed as proof that local offers needed xyz in order not to be 'unlawful', but in my view the lack of sanctions for ineffectual LOs continues to be a bar to further progress, despite the limited victory in the Warwickshire case. More The Judgement

Archived page as pdf August 30th 2014

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