Welsh Consult: Archived Briefing Paper

Briefing on Welsh Assembly Government Proposals 2012: ARCHIVED


A company called Wavehill is developing new non-statutory guidance on elective home education for the Welsh Government. Survey Link Deadline February 16th 2015

Background: In 2012 the Welsh Government consulted about Registering and monitoring home-based education Plans were subsequently dropped, and in May 2014 the Minister Huw Lewis said instead there would be new EHE Guidance by May 2015 The Government consultation page has a summary of consultation responses

The Minister made reference to "good practice and good engagement by some LAs with the home-educating community" which is also examined in this report by Sue Mitchell for the Welsh Government. My 2012 consultation response highlighted the variations in policy and practice amongst different LAs in Wales with regard to elective home education and also said that the Welsh Government would do better to tackle the issue of off-rolling or unlawful/illegal exclusions.

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