Home Education Numbers 2013-14

In July 2014 local authorities in England recorded 27,292 home educated children Article Details

Compulsory English and Maths 16+

Skills Minister Nick Boles "for the foreseeable future, English and mathematics IGCSEs will count as equivalent to GCSEs for the purposes of recognising prior attainment in the 16 to 19 English and mathematics Condition of Funding ..." More

Child Benefit Survey

I am collecting feedback to send to HMRC about 16+ Child Benefit for home educated young people. More

New Leaflets

2 new leaflets are now available: 1 page pdf Summary Law and 3 page pdf Home Education and SEN

Somerset and Essex Axe EHE Service

Somerset has withdrawn its home education service because of the need to make savings, and Essex has announced plans to do the same. More More

Home Education Fairs 2014

Saturday September 13th home education fair in London; Saturday October 18th home education fair in Birmingham. More

APPG October 2014

The next meeting of the APPG will be in Portcullis House at Westminster on Monday October 13th at 6pm with a theme of 14-19 education. All welcome. More

DfE Letters to LAs

DfE correspondence to Local Authorities June 2013-14 here (updated August 2014 to include Graham Stuart letter to TriBorough councillor)

New SEN Code Practice

SEN Code of Practice approved by parliament July 2014 More about change from statements to EHC plans. More about transition at 16. New SEN links updated August 2014 ENGLAND ONLY

Universal Credit Sanctions

I made this page because I keep being asked if claimants who are sanctioned will also stop getting money for rent More

Changes to Law SEN Wales

The Welsh Assembly Government has published a White Paper proposing changes to SEN law which will apply to young people up to the age of 25. The closing date for comments is July 25th 2014. More

Policy Consultation Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland the policy for home education is under review Background Questions have also been asked at Stormont Politics My consultation response

New Guidance for Wales

Minister Huw Lewis has asked officials to draw up new Guidance for Elective Home Education by May 2015. More

Short-run Consultation SEN Code

Consultation revised draft new Special Needs Code of Practice for England, deadline May 6th More

Children and Families Act 2014

The Children and Families Act is now law. More

GOV.UK Web Link for EHE Guidelines

The Home Education Guidelines are no longer on the DfE website but can be found here via this web page

NEW: Analysis Council Support for Exams

NEW More

NEW Spreadsheet Council Web Information on Home Education

Council web information about home education (England only)

2014-15 LA Budget Instructions Mention Home Education

NEW DfE LA Budget Guidance 2014-15: 1.2.5 SEN support services "Include any costs of providing these services to home educated children". 1.2.7 Other alternative provision services "This may include funding for home educating parents." More

New CME Guidance Published

GOV.UK Children Missing Education (January 2014) CME Guidance as pdf More

Exams Access Survey 2013

I sent out a survey in September 2013 asking about local authorities' help with access to exams. More

DfE High Needs Funding Block Web Page

DfE High Needs Block web page now includes link to DfE Home Education Funding web page

Staffordshire Council Revised Paperwork

Staffordshire CC revised paperwork

Consultation on new SEN Code of Practice

Consultation on new SEN Code of Practice opened October 4th 2013, closes December 9th 2013.

Walkthrough Safeguarding Consultation Wales

Safeguarding in Education (Wales) More

Home Education Fair London September 14th

Home Education Fair, London More

Notes from Hesfes Workshops July 2013

Home Education Not Included in Education (Wales) Bill

Feedback from Online GCSEs Survey

Which GCSE subjects would be most popular if FE colleges started to offer distance learning courses? More

Minister's Letter to Graham Stuart MP June 2013

Edward Timpson: "no duty on local authorities to assure themselves that the provision being made by parents for home educated children is suitable..." More

Government Guidance Published on 14-16s College

DfE guidance on funding for home educated 14-16s.

Special Needs and Home Education Discussed in Parliament

SEN and home education in parliament More

14-16s Home Education College Events May/June 2013

14-16s College More

Latest on 14-16 College Funding May 2013

Latest news on 14-16s college More

New Flexischooling FAQ May 2013

Update on flexischooling More

Badman Review

Looking back on Badman More

New Statutory Guidance Post-16 Participation Published March 2013

"For young people who are being home educated, no hourly requirement of education applies: the amount and content of that education is at the discretion of the home educator...No on-going monitoring of the education is required." More

New Website SEN FAQ

Welcome News On Funding 14-16s College

14-16s college More

Wales Drops Plans to Change Home Education Law

Wales drops plans to change law More

New Funding Guidance February 2013

New funding guidance for home education More

Change to Civil Servants Dealing with Elective Home Education

Stephen Bishop is the new DfE contact for home education.

Consultation Revised Guidance Children Missing Education

Consultation on 3rd revision of CME Guidance. More

SEN Proposals in the new Children and Families Bill February 2013

Children and Families Bill published February 2013. SEN covered in clauses 19-72 of the Bill. More

Freedom of Information Responses on Location, Spending and SEN

Where do local authorities put home education, how much do they spend, what services and support are available for SEN. January 2013 More

Welsh Plans Put On Hold

"Plans to make the parents of home-schooled children join an official register in Wales have been put on hold following a backlash..." January 2013 More

Publication of Education Committee Report on Support For Home Education

Education Committee publishes report into Support for Home Education, December 2012 More

Publication of Education Committee Report on Scrutiny Draft SEN Bill

Education Committee publishes report into draft SEN Bill. More

Wales To Delay Legislative Change:Leighton Andrews Announcement

Minister says "beneficial to delay taking forward the legislative proposals in the current Education (Wales) Bill" December 2012 More

Part-time College For 14-16s From September 2013

DfE: "From 2013/14, funding for home educated pupils aged 14-16 who are attending colleges will be passed directly to the colleges through the 16-19 funding formula. Some of these pupils may be attending part-time, some of them full-time. More

Flawed Consultation Process: Wales 2012 (FOIs)

Freedom of Information Responses, Wales 2012. More

Parliamentary Event SEN + Disability, November 27th 2012

Meeting Westminster November 2012 to discuss changes to funding and assessment for Special Educational Needs and Disability when children are not on a school roll. More

DfE Announcement: 14-16s To Apply Directly To College From September 2013


Consultation Response (Wales)

Consultation closing November 2012 More

Welsh Government Consultation Events October 2012

Consultation events October 2012, confirmed no need to give personal details More

Education Committee Oral Evidence Session SEN Draft Bill


Education Committee 2nd Oral Evidence Session: Inquiry Support Home Education


Updated Information on Wales

Welsh Assembly announcement September 3rd 2012 possible changes to law on home education; home educators organised a series of workshops in September and October Briefing Paper NOW SUPERSEDED; PLANS DROPPED, UPDATED INFORMATION HERE

Size of Local Authority Key Factor in Claiming Funding for Home Educated Children

Registration and Monitoring for Wales: New Consultation

Welsh Assembly Government registration and monitoring consultation opened September 3rd NOW SUPERSEDED; PLANS DROPPED, UPDATED INFORMATION HERE

Select Committee Inquiry into Support for Home Education (England) September 5th 2012


Exams: Frequently Asked Questions


Exams Report 2012


Compulsory Registration for Home Educated Children in Wales? NOW SUPERSEDED; PLANS DROPPED, UPDATED INFORMATION HERE

Hesfes Workshop Notes

14-19 Single Parents SEN More

New Funding System For Post-16 Education From 2013-14


Raising Participation Age Announcement July 2012

July 2012 DfE: "For home education – no hourly rate will apply as parents have discretion over what is provided. Just as it is pre-16, properly provided home education is a valid route for young people..." More

Answers to Funding FOIs

Which local authorities in England claimed funding for 2011-12 + will they claim 2012-13 NOW SUPERSEDED, FUNDING CHANGED, UPDATED INFORMATION HERE

Disability Living Allowance To End Earlier In North of England


Birmingham Council Modifies Initial Contact Procedure

Birmingham Council's Elective Home Education Team have responded to issues raised by local home educators and asked the Integrated Family Support Team to stop handing out the Parent Questionnaire to new home educators,

Education Committee Inquiry into Home Education Support


SEN Green Paper Pathfinder Pilot Responses

6 page pdf collated Freedom of Information responses from SEN Green Paper Pathfinder Pilot areas. Children have not yet been selected for the Pilots. More

Number of Home Educated Children in England

Freedom of Information requests show 20,842 home educated children. More

Council Web Pages on Home Education: Updated


Lancashire New Home Education Procedures Document February 2012


Consultation on Regulations for Raising Participation Age


Home Educators' Experience of Taking Exams


Exam Centre Survey: Local Authority Support Finding Somewhere to Sit Exams

Exams Access Survey 2011 FOLLOW-UP SURVEY IN 2013

Welfare Reform Update October 2011


Red Balloon of the Air: New Online Schools For Children Recovering From Bullying


New Line Graphs Showing Numbers of Home Educated Children 2005-2009

Line graph showing number home educated children 2005 to 2009.

New Map Showing Relative Number Home Educated Children in Different LAs


What Happened to Graham Badman's Recommendations?


All Party Parliamentary Group on Home Education Meeting September 2011


National Audit Office on value for money in SEN services

Schools Minister: SEN and Home Education


Select Committee Highlights Difficulty Exam Participation For Home Education


My Sen Green Paper Consultation Response


June 2011: Legal Aid retained for Special Needs Tribunals but excluded for Welfare Rights

New Site Map designed by my son Theo Parmakis

2011 New Sitemap

Update on Surrey, June 2011, model good practice

More and More

Free Eye Tests Regional Anomaly


Home Education Funding Report 2011


Ofsted New Guidance on Children's Services Assessment


Raising the Leaving Age: Parliament Web Page on Home Education

Commencement of enforcement duties to be delayed. More

Model of Good Practice. Surrey County Council

Draft Policy 2011     Task Group

March 2011: SEN Green Paper says LAs should help home educating families with SEN children

"Many parents, and particularly the parents of children with SEN, turn to home education because they feel that the school system has failed to meet their child’s needs. Where home educated children have a statement, local authorities have a duty to ensure that the child’s SEN are being met and the local authorities have to review the children’s statements annually. In some cases, parents on their own may not be able to make suitable provision for their children but could do so with some support from the local authority. We expect that when local authorities are considering whether parents are making suitable provision that they also consider whether to use their power under the Education Act 1996 to make special educational provision out of school to help the parents make their provision suitable for their child’s SEN. We also expect local authorities to consider whether home educated children who had been in receipt of support at School Action Plus at school should continue to receive that support through local authorities using their power under the 1996 Act to make provision out of school."
Paragraph 2.54 of the SEN Green Paper NOW SUPERSEDED BY CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ACT 2014. More

December 2010 Government Home Education Guidelines Available as Web Page

Government Elective Home Education Guidelines now available in easy-search web page format. More

December 2010 Government Says No to 10% DSG Funding for Home Education Support


EO campaign site news archive 2007-2010


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