Education Health and Care Plans

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Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)


A new SEN and Disability Code of Practice was introduced for England in September 2014. Instead of a statement, parents will find that all new assessments now relate to Education Health and Care Plans. EHCPs can also go up to age 25.

What's in the Plan

A common labelling system has been introduced in the Code of Practice meaning that every EHC plan must contain specified sections labelled with the same letter. More details here

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Some families where children have disabilities manage to get support through children's social care - including Direct Payments and Personal Budgets and it is not necessary to have an EHCP for this. Disability Living Allowance can be claimed for care and mobility needs (not just where a child is physically unable to walk, but also where a much greater level of supervision is required. More Cerebra has a very useful guide to completing the DLA form where a child has a neurological condition.

A statement or EHCP can be useful insurance, acting as a passport to various benefits and support including special arrangements in exams and help in college/6th form (examples were provided of the support package available at college with a statement/EHCP) NB Changes to the benefit system will affect families with disabled children More. Information about deregistration from school where a child has an EHCP here. The Annual Review should NOT be an inspection of provision More Personal Budgets and Direct Payments are theoretically possible for education via the EHCP where the LA accepts - or is ordered by tribunal to accept - that it would be inappropriate for provision to be made in a school.

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