Where Local Authorities Put Home Education

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Where Home Education Sits in Local Authorities

In 2012 the Education Committee recommended that local authority officers dealing with home education ought to be situated within a dedicated team or sit within a neutral location. This has not happened.

Freedom of Information requests sent to local authorities in September 2014 show that local authorities still put home education in service areas which deal with difficulties at school, "problem children" or "problem families". Service areas include "Education Welfare", "Attendance", "Inclusion" and "Exclusion", "School Admissions", "School Improvement, "Children Missing Education", "Behaviour Support", "Special Needs", "Hospital and Home Education", and "Looked After Children."

  1. Families where there are problems with school attendance, such as Education Welfare Officers (EWOs)
  2. Children and young people who remain on a school roll but who are unable to attend school for medical reasons, and for whom an alternative has to be arranged (Inclusion)
  3. Children and young people at risk of exclusion because of "behaviour" or cases where it is difficult to find a school place
  4. Children and young people who have actually been excluded or expelled for whom alternative provision has to be arranged either in a Pupil Referral Unit or elsewhere
  5. Special needs support for pupils on a school roll
  6. Looked After Children who are fostered or in local authority children's homes("Virtual School")
  7. Gypsy Roma Traveller children on a school roll ("Diversity"/"Ethnic Minority Achievement")

For more details on service areas, click here (pdf)

To read about the FOIs, including each local authority, click here

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